Dowling One Name Study


Interesting from a DNA perspective.


NOT the Biblical 'Adam' but the chromosomal starting point Y Chromosomal 'Adam' (To - DECEASED)
Albert Einstein belonged to haplogroup E; Rameses III belonged to Haplogroup E-M2 (E1b1a); Adolf Hitler's haplogroup, E-M35 , originated in Africa about 22,400 years ago E ( - DECEASED)
Napoleon's beard hairs revealed mebership of haplogroup E1b1b1c1 or E-M34
It all starts here! Hominoidea
A sub group of this haplogroup, Isa-Din-N has a member of Martin Luther I ( - DECEASED)
Otzi Iceman1bt 3,345 BCE found in Italy Otzi Iceman (Abt 3345 BCE - Abt 3300 BCE)
Neanderthal Homo Neanderthalensis (288 BCE - DECEASED)
Most common in Central Europe, Spain, France, Portugal and the British Isles R-1b-P312 (Abt 2800 BCE - DECEASED)
Including Brian Thomas Dowling (1955-) R-Fgc28340 ( - DECEASED)
Charles Darwin with millions of others is part of this haplogroup, the most frequently occuring liniage in Western Europe R-M343 (To 038 BCE - DECEASED)
Louis XVI of France's relatives belong to haplogroupo R-U106 (as ub-clade of R1b) R-U106 ( - DECEASED)
Home Sapien starts 98,000 BCE to 198,000 BCE Homo Sapiens (To 098 BCE - DECEASED)
A subset of this haplogroup, T (M184) includes Thomas Jefferson T