Brian Thomas Dowling (1955-) Private Medal Collection

Does not include living.

Dowling Eugene Joseph (23 Jul 1881 - DECEASED)Unit: 373rd East Surrey Regiment & Militia
Service: British Army
Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Age: 18 & 3 Months; Attestation under age
Joined unit, "posted"
Discharged having made a mistatement as to age on enlistment; 238 days
Age: 17 11 months; Attestation
Unit: 18th Hussars, 6 Squadron "Hussars of the Line"
Service: British Army (rejoin)
Home Service (Training) 1 years 177 days
Joined unit, "posted"
298 days
Home Service; 214 days
Discharge from 18th Hussars with less than 12 years service (3 years 324 days); under Article 1142.iii (Misdemeanors) R W for pay Authority H.0.6 A'shot No. 928 dated 16 April 1903
Rank: Private
Service:British Army
Unit: Lancers, General Service 5th Lancers
Theatre of War 1 (Western Europe)
5 LVS Private Class "Z" A. Reserve
Dowling G ( - DECEASED)Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Rank: Private
Campaign Clasp: Cape Colony
Campaign Clasp: Orange Free State; action in Orange River Colony
Dowling George William (21 Nov 1882 - DECEASED)British Expeditionary Force (BEF); landed on 22 Feb 2016;
Absent without leave 24 hours punishment two days ? loses, 1 day's pay under P. No.
Rank: Sapper (Private)
Unit: Royal Engineers, 1st London Emergency Section/Division; Field Company
Service: British Army
Age: 32; Attestation; Duration of War
Home posting
Transferred to LFC
Posted to Depot; Home Posting
Transferred to "A Co"?
Theatre of War: London Area; appears based at 10 Victoria Park Square, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets
Furlough at home
Age: 36; Discharge; Transfer from Royal Engineers to Class "Z" Army Reserve