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Berry Sarah J (29 May 1853 - DECEASED)Actor in play "Nobody's Claim" written for Joseph & Sadie by Edwin A Locke
Dool James Gordon (1899 - 24 Jan 1930)Actor in Vaudeville House
Actor in Variety
Actor at B F Reichs?
Dool John D (1887 - 7 Jun 1928)Actor in Variety
Actor in movie "When Knighthood Was In Flower" also starring Marion Davies
Dool Mary V (1892 - 1947)Actor in Vaudeville House
Actor in Variety
Dool Rachel Rice (30 Oct 1888 - 28 Jan 1984)Actor in "Hitchy-Koo"
Actor in "Ziegfield Follies" as babies and brats
Actor in "Ziegfield Follies" as Principal
Actor in "Ziegfield Follies"
Actor in "No Foolin'"
Actor in "Ziegfield Follies"
Actor in "Nifties"
Actor in "Hope's the Thing" as Josey, and "Life of a Buffalo"
Actor in Vaudeville House
Actor in Variety
Actor in "Words and Music" as Gazzolean and Whirlwind
Vaudeville Actor
Actor in "The Bunch and Judy" as Evie Dallas and Lizetta
Actor in Eddie Dowling's "Sidewalks of New York"
Actor in "Earl Carroll's Vanities"
Actor (Legitimate)
Actor in "Thumbs Up"
Dool William (1888 - 29 Sep 1921)Vaudeville Actor
Dowling Alexandra (22 May 1990 - )Actor in TV drama 'Merlin' episode 'The Drawing in the Dark' as Kara
Actor in movie 'Hammer of the Gods' as Agnes
Actor in TV drama 'Game of Thrones' episode 'The Rains of Castlemere' as Roslin Frey
Actor in TV drama 'Agatha Christie's Poirot' episode 'Elephants Can Remember' as Marie McDermott
Actor in TV drama 'The Musketeers' main cast as Queen Anne
Actor in Jermyn Street Theatre production of 'The Last of the De Mullins' as Bertha
Actor in Jermyn Street Theatre production of 'I Have Been Here Before' as Janet Ormund
Actor in Theatre Royal Bath production of 'While The Sun Shines' as Lady Elizabeth
Actor in Southwark Playhouse Theatre production of 'A Lie of the Mind' as Beth
Actor in Shakespeare's Rose Theatre production of 'Richard III' as Lady Anne
Actor in Shakespeare's Rose Theatre production of ''Romeo & Juliet' as Juliet
Actor in Almeida Theatre production of 'VassaI' as Lipa
Dowling Bairbre Patricia (27 Mar 1953 - 20 Jan 2016)Actor
Actor in Ensemble Theatre play: "The Memory of Water"m as Vii
Abbey Theatre Company Actor in play: "The Becauseway" as girl
Abbey Theatre Company Actor in play: "Rites" as girl
Actor in movie: "Zardoz" as Star
Actor in movie: "Cry of the Innocent" as Maureen
Actor in movie: Playboy of the Western World" as Pegeen Mike, with husband Colm Meaney
Actor in television series: "1st & Ten" episode Califonia Freeze Out as Dr Rose
Actor in television movie: "The Long Journey Home" as MIA wife #2
Actor in movie: "The Dead" by John Huston, as Mrs Higgins, with husband Colm Meaney
Actor in television mini-series: "Scarlett" episode 1.4 as Mrs Boyle
Actor in movie: "War of the Buttons" as Geronimo's Mum, with husband Colm Meaney
Actor in television programme: "Murder She Wrote" episode Another Killing in Cork as Kate Dempsey
Actor in movie: "Changing Habits" as woman in loft
Actor in television programme: "ER" episode Make A Wish as Dorgan
Actor in television programme: "Star Trek: Voyager" episode Spirit Folk as Edith
Actor in Laguna Theatre play: "Stella By Starlight" by Bernard Farrell, as Geraldine, with Caitlin Shannon
Actor in television programme: "Crossing Jordan" episode Family Ties as Sister Mary Katherine
Actor in television programme: "Days of Our Lives" episode 1 as Sister Rose
Actor in Mint Theatre play: "Temporal Powers" by Teresa Deevy
Dowling Denis Valentine (24 Jun 1910 - 23 Sep 1996)Actor & Baritone Singer
Dowling James Sampson (Apr 1882 - 1914)Actor & Comedian
Dowling Joan V (6 Jan 1928 - 31 Mar 1954)Actor
Actor in "Aladdin - and His Wonderful Lamp" as Aladdin at King's Theatre
Dowling Joseph Johnson (4 Sep 1850 - 8 Jul 1928)Actor
Actor in play "Nobody's Claim" written for Joseph & Sadie by Edwin A Locke
Vaudeville Actor
Actor in movie "Sleuthing"
Actor in movie "The Bargain"
Actor in movie "The Coward"
Actor in movie "The Beckoning Flame"
Actor in movie "Somewhere in France"
Actor in movie "The Apostle of Vengance"
Actor in movie "The Stepping Stone"
Actor in movie "Home"
Actor in movie "Sudden Jim"
Actor in movie "The Yankee Way"
Actor in movie "The Pinch Hitter"
Actor in movie "Alimony"
Actor in movie "The Iced Bullet"
Actor in movie "The Gunfighter"
Actor in movie "Wooden Shoes"
Actor in movie "An Alien Enemy"
Actor in movie "More Trouble"
Actor in movie "Carmen of the Klondike"
Actor in movie "And A Still Small Voice" as Colonel Robert Singleton
Actor in movie "A Little Sister of Everybody"
Actor in movie "Madam Who?"
Actor in movie "A Man's Man"
Actor in movie "Humdrum Brown"
Actor in movie "His Robe of Honor"
Actor in movie "Blindfolded"
Actor in movie "The Bells"
Actor in movie "Adele"
Actor in movie "A Man's Country"
Actor in movie "The Midnight Stage"
Actor in movie "A Man in the Open"
Actor in movie "The Joyous Liar"
Actor in movie "Todd of the Times"
Actor in movie "The Master Man"
Actor in movie "The False Code"
Actor in movie "Her Purchase Price"
Actor in movie "The Miracle Man"
Actor in movie "Kitty Kelly M.D."
Actor in movie "The Lord Loves the Irish"
Actor in movie "All of a Sudden Norma"
Actor in movie "The Devil to Pay"
Actor in movie "The U.P. Trail"
Actor in movie "Live Sparks"
Actor in movie "Riders of the Dawn"
Actor in movie "A Splendid Hazard"
Actor in movie "Everybody's Sweetheart"
Actor in movie "The House of Whispers"
Actor in movie "Big Happiness"
Motion Picture Actor
Actor in movie "The Kentucky Colonel" as Colonel Remington Osbury
Actor in movie "The Lure of Egypt"
Actor in movie "The Beautiful Liar"
Actor in movie "The Fightin' Mad"
Actor in movie "The Sin of Martha Queed"
Actor in debut movie "Little Lord Fountleroy" with Mary Pickford
Actor in movie "Respondent"
Actor in movie "The Breaking Point"
Actor in movie "The Grim Comedian"
Actor in movie "Certain Rich Man"
Actor in movie "The Spenders"
Actor in movie "The Trail of the Axe"
Actor in movie "Quincy Adams Sawyer"
Actor in movie "One Clear Call"
Actor in movie "If You Believe It, It's So"
Actor in movie "Half Breed"
Actor in movie "The Danger Point"
Actor in movie "The Pride of Palomar"
Actor in movie "The Girl Who Came Back"
Actor in movie "The Spider and The Rose"
Actor in movie "Tiger Rose"
Actor in movie "The Christian"
Actor in movie "Enemies of Children"
Actor in movie "Dollar Devils"
Actor in movie "The Courtship of Miles Standish"
Actor in movie "Women Who Give"
Actor in movie "The Gaiety Girl"
Actor in movie "Tess of the D'Urbervilles"
Actor in movie "One Night in Rome"
Actor in movie "Those Who Dare"
Actor in movie "Unseen Hands"
Actor in movie "Her Night of Romance"
Actor in movie "The Law Forbids"
Actor in movie "Free and Equal"
Actor in movie "Lorraine and the Lions"
Actor in movie "New Lives for Old"
Actor in movie "Flower in the Night"
Actor in movie "Confessions of a Queen"
Actor in movie "Lord Jim"
Actor in movie "The Little Irish Girl" as Captain Dugan
Actor in movie "Why Girls Go Back Home"
Actor in movie "The Rainmaker"
Dowling Lily (1860 - bet Apr and Jun 1895)Professional (Actor)
Dowling Mary A (abt 1865 - DECEASED)Actor
Dowling Mira L (1870 - DECEASED)Actor
Motion Picture Actor
Dowling Vincent Gerald Betrand (7 Sep 1929 - 10 May 2013)Actor in radio soap-opera: "The Kennedy's of Castleross"
Actor in movie: "My Wife's Lodger" as Norman Higginbtham
Actor in comedy: "What Every Woman Knows"
Actor in drama: "Red Roses for Me"
Actor in television series: "Omnibus" episode segmment Plays of the Irish Rennaissance as Vince Dowling
Theatre Guild Actor in Cort Theatre play: "Sunrise at Campobello" written by Dore Schary 556 performances
Actor in movie: "Broth of a Boy" as Seamus
Actor in movie: "Boyd's Shop" as John Haslett
Actor in movie: "Johnny Nobody" as a train barman
Actor in movie: "The Devil's Agent" as uncredited Father Farcosc
Abbey Theatre Company Actor in Aldwych Theatre play: "The Plough and the Stars" by Sean O'Casey
Actor in movie: "Young Cassidy" as 2nd Hurler
Actor in television series: "Hawk" in episode Ulysses and the Republic as Patrolman Vesey
Actor in television mini-series: Insurrection episode Two Thosand Serwood Foresters as Mendicity Prisoner
Actor in movie: "Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon" (uncredited)
Actor in Broadhurst Theatre play: "More Stately Mansions" written by Eugene O'Neill, as Mickey Malloy, 142 performances and 8 previews
Actor in Abbey Theatre play: "Borstal Boy" by Brendan Behan adapted by Sean O'Casey
Actor in television sries: "The Gamblers" episode Thirty Stretch as Tom
Actor in television series: "The Magical World of Disney" as Maston in episodes 1,2 & 3
Actor in movie: "Guns in the Heather"
Actor in Trinity Repertory Theatre play: "Bastard Son"
Actor in television movie: Playboy of the Western World" with daughter Bairbre Dowling; Won Ohio VFalley local Emmy award
Actor and director in movie: "On Broadway" as Augie Burke
Doyle Brenda ( - 1981)Actor
Fay William George (12 Nov 1872 - DECEASED)Actor & Manager
Goucher Joseph Nelson (11 Dec 1889 - 18 Feb 1976)Actor in play "The Velvet Lady" at New Amsterdam Theatre as Mooney a New Cop
Writer, Actor in play "Sally, Irene and Mary" as Jimmy Dugan
Actor in play "Tell Me More" on Broadway as Harry
Actor with Orpheanne Cycle? Co
Writer and Actor in play "Sally, Irene and Mary" on Broadway as Jimmy Dugan
Writer, Lyricist and Actor for play "Honeymoon Lane" on Broadway as Tim Murphy
Producer, Writer of screenplay and story for "Rainbow Man" also actor as Rainbow Ryan
Actor in "Blaze O' Glory" as Eddie Williams
Actor and Author of plays
Producer, Actor and Screenplay writer for "Honeymoon Lane"
Actor in play "Over The Counter" as Edward Dowling
Actor in "Sally, Irene and Mary" as Edward Dowling
Associate Director and Actor in play "The Time Of Your Life" on Broadway
Producer, Director and Stage Actor in "The Glass Menagerie" as Tom Wingfield on Broadway at Playhouse and Royale Theatres
Actor in "Paint Your Wagon" on Broadway as Ben Rumson
Actor in "Anywhere USA" as Doctor
Owen Bill (14 Mar 1914 - 12 Jul 1999)Actor
Smith Constance (24 Jul 1920 - 28 Oct 1969)Actor
Theatre Actress
Film Actor in 'Up In Arms' as Nurse Lt Mary Morgan directed by Samuel Goldwyn
Film Actor in 'The Well-Groomed Bride' as Rita Sloane
Film Actor in 'Knickerbocker Holiday' as Tina Tiehoven
Film Actor in 'Addio Mimi!' or 'Her Wonderful Life' as Student
Film Actor in 'Boston Blackie and the Law' as Dinah Moran
Film Actor in Black Angel as Mavis Marlowe
Film Actor in 'Blind Spot' as Evelyn Green
Film Actor in 'The Flame' as Helen Anderson
Film Actor in 'Citta dolente' or 'City of Pain' as Lubitza
Film Actor in 'Duello Senza' or 'Duel Without Honor' as Olga
Film Actor in 'Follie Per l'Opera' or 'Mad About Opera' as Margaret Jones
Film Actor in 'Una Voce nel tuo Cuore' or 'A Voice in your Heart' as Dolly
Film Actor in 'Miss Italia' as Lilly
Television Actor in 'Nash Airflyte Theatre' One Episode
Television Actor in 'Nash Pulitzer Prize Playhouse' One Episode
Film Actor in 'La Strada finisce sul flume' or 'Stormbound' as Barbara
Television Actor in 'The Adventures of Ellery Queen' One Episode
Television Actor in 'Cosmopolitan Theatre' One Episode
Television Actor in 'Lights Out' Two Episodes
Television Actor in 'City Detective' Two Episodes
Film Actor in 'Gog' - a science fiction fiilm as Joanna Merritt
Television Actor in 'Fireside Theatre' as Betty in one Episode
Smith Doris (15 May 1923 - 18 Jun 2004)Stage Actor in 'Banjo Eyes' on Broadway
Stage Actor in 'Beat The Band' on Broadway
Stage Actor in 'New Faces' on Broadway
Film Actor in 'And Now Tomorrow' by Raymond Chandler
Film Actor in 'The Lost Weekend' as Gloria with Ray Milland (Best Picture)
Film Actor in 'The Blue Dahlia' with Alan Ladd (Oscar Winning)
Film Actor in 'The Crimson Key'
Film Actor in 'The Emperor Waltz'
Film Actor in 'Bitter Rice' or 'Riso Amaro' as Francesca
Film Actor in 'Alina'
Film Actor as Bianca in Othello with Orson Welles
Actor in movie: "Running Target" as lead
Television Actor in 'Perry Mason', episode: 'The Case of the Weary Watchdog' as Zaneta Holmes
Television Actor in 'Bonanza' episode: 'Twilight Town'
Television Actor in 'My Living Doll'
Stage Actor in Broadway revival of The Women
Television Actor in 'Barnaby Jones'
Television Actor in 'Kojak' episode: 'Justice Deferred'
Film Actor in The Car (Cult Horror)
Television Actor in 'The Incredible Hulk', episode: 'Nine Hours' as Mrs Grasso
Television Actor in 'Scruples'
Film Actor in 'Separate Ways'
Television Actor in 'Murder She Wrote' one episode
Television Actor in The Dukes Of Hazard