Fire Service

Elizabeth (Unknown) (1889-9 Nov 1969)? Fire Serviceman's Widow
John Blundell (Abt 1901-DECEASED)? Fireman
Evaristo Gonzalez Boffor (1936-12 May 2014)Fireman
Morgan Dolan (-29 Dec 1869)Fireman on Rail Road
Patrick Doolan (1866-DECEASED)Age: 48; Seaman / Fireman on board vessel "Nubian"
seaman/fireman on board ship "Norwegian"
Edward Patrick Dowling (5 Oct 1952-28 May 2019)Fire Service Station Officer
George Frederick Charles Randolph Hutton Dowling (8 Oct 1886-3 Jul 1944)Fireman
Fire Captain
Henry William Dowling (18 Jan 1929-13 May 2006)Fire Fighter for Rocky Hill Fire Department Co. #2
James Dowling (1861-DECEASED)Fire Brigade Man
James Desso Dowling (22 Jan 1919-15 May 1998)Retired Civil Service Fireman
James Edward Dowling (17 Mar 1908-DECEASED)Todmorden Cop Auxilliary Fire No. 41478
James J Dowling (1851-DECEASED)Fireman?
John Dowling (Feb 1855-DECEASED)Fireman for Fire Department
Louis J Dowling (1883-18 Mar 1956)Fireman on the Railroad
Michael J Dowling (Aug 1854-DECEASED)Railroad Fireman
Patrick Dowling (Bef 23 Jun 1845-DECEASED)Fireman at Cotton Mill
Richard Anthony Dowling (24 Apr 1939-30 May 1992)Chief of Hopelawn Fire Company & Hopelawn First Aid Squad. New Jersey Exempt Fireman
Roderick Dowling (1840-22 May 1891)Fireman
Steam Boat Fireman
William Dowling (1868-DECEASED)Fireman
William Dowling (1873-DECEASED)Fireman at Cotton Mill
William J Dowling (31 Jul 1890-DECEASED)Fireman for Standard Oil Company
Philip Arthur McGuire (20 Apr 1870-DECEASED)Locomotive Fireman
Timothy O'Donoghue (1862-DECEASED)Fireman
I L Spinks (15 Jan 1889-20 Feb 1972)Fireman at Saw Mill
Eli Stevens (1862-DECEASED)Fireman
Joe Dowling Whitesitt (15 May 1919-2 Jan 2008)Member of Stevensville Fire Department