SurnameGiven NameLifespanDescription/Memo
Doolin William (-DECEASED)Author of "Dublin's Surgeon Anatomists and Other Essays" A Centenary Tribute; Publisher Dept. of the history medicine Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; ISBN No.0 9512305 0 6
Dowling Allan Duncan (4 Jul 1903-13 Apr 1983)Poet; Author; Publisher; Librettist; Film Producer; Philanthropist (Sponsoring young violinists)
Dowling Frank (-DECEASED)Publisher of Picture Post.
Dowling Henry (6 Jan 1810-17 Sep 1885)Tasmania, Australia, Printer, publisher, banker and philanthropist.
Launceston, Tasmania, AustraliaG, joined 'The Advertiser' owned by John Pascoe Fawkner and became editor and publisher
Dowling James (25 Nov 1787-27 Sep 1844)London, EnglandG, Editor of several legal texts and publisher of nine volumes of law reports
Dowling John (-DECEASED)USA, Poet; Artist; Publisher
Dowling Norman E (-DECEASED)Author of "Mechanical Behaviour of Materials"; Publisher: Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0131863126;
Dowling Patrick J (-DECEASED)Author of "California: The Irish Dream"; Publisher : Golden Gate Pub in 1989-06; ISBN : 0962097438
Dowling Thomas James (2 Nov 1888-Feb 1942)Mount Vernon, Westchester, New York, USAG, Manager at Newspaper Publisher
Dowling Vincent (Bet 1756 and 1757-29 Mar 1825)London, EnglandG, Publisher of "The World and Fashionable Advertiser" from inception at Exeter Change, Strand
Editor and publisher
Harrington William John (Bef 29 Jul 1877-DECEASED)Southwark, London, England, Publisher's Warehouseman