2021 August

25 August 2021:- Total 38,149 including living.  My mother's page updated and released as a form of remembrance to her.

29 August 2021:- Total 38,133 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.

25 August 2021:- Total 38,130 including living.  My mother aged 93 years finally passed away this morning.  For those reading, you may have read that she had been ill for some time.  She will now have an entry in a few days on this site.

21 August 2021:- Total 38,125 including living.  Some web page tinkering for tidiness.  One Patrick J Dowling added... may of may not be the Patrick below needs more work but had a hedge to cut!

22 August 2021:- Total 38,122 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. Added a remarkable Patrick Joseph Dowling from Dublin who became a great engineer of massive civil projects in the UK.  You cannot see him though as he is still living... good on you Paddy!

21 August 2021:- Total 38,119 including living.  Some Essex Dowling as a result if a remarkable coincidence of meeting a Dowling ambulance woman.

19 August 2021:- Total 38,096 including living.  Some lovely Hampshire Dowling wine merchants who had pots made with their names on.  Some births marriages and deaths, to test ORA.

18 August 2021:- Total 38,062 including living.  Somewhat distracted by my 93 year old mother's deteriorating health and visits to hospital.  Added some sources to the originally Australian family below.  At the same time creating an ORA (Online Repository Assistant) template for the Free UK Births Marriages and Deaths website, I can now extract the information much more quickly with the template and have also started a check table for the districts to convert them to have their counties and country added - very chuffed with this... now ready to use the newly developed skills on Irish databases.

15 August 2021:- Total 38,048 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.

13 August 2021:- Total 38,046 including living.  Adding some sources to existing Geoffrey Dowling from Australia and tweaking some old sources as it was years since he was put in the Study.

11 August 2021:- Total 38,045 including living.  Some USA Dowling hunting high and low to no real benefit in Saratoga and Washington New York.  However, tweaked the ORA settings on all USA censuses, quite please with that.

10 August 2021:- Total 38,044 including living.  Some non-Dowling family reconstruction and a wild-goose chase as a result of a pair of census pages in the wrong sequence.

9 August 2021:- Total 38,029 including living.  New York Saratoga Dowlings; some mix-up with Dolan here, we'll probably not know which until a DNA test.

8 August 2021:- Total 37,985 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Minnesota Dowlings mostly, nearly done and another military Dowling e-mail to start on correspondence. 

7 August 2021:- Total 37,895 including living.  New York & Minnesota Dowlings and some site tweaking. 

6 August 2021:- Total 37,840 including living.  Minnesota Dowlings and some site tweaking. 

5 August 2021:- Total 37,824 including living.  A really productive half-day with ORA and more Minnesota Dowlings; I am sure I have entered these people having saved a quarter of the time and I am still experimenting! 

4 August 2021:- Total 37,776 including living.  Some more Minnesota family reconstruction around a set of Dowlings and, at the same time, more ORA templates for 1930 and 1940 census and more.

3 August 2021:- Total 37,766 including living.  Starting on a correspondent's Georgia to Minnesota set of Dowlings, laid down the template for US Social Security Death Index with the Online Repository Assistant at the same time.  This led to some Source renaming and tidying.

2 August 2021:- Total 37,763 including living.  Some Roscrea births added working with the Online Repository Assistant.

1 August 2021:- Total 37,753 including living.  Monthly Double Back-up.  A lot of searching of DNA sites to deal with a query that ended up being sent on a very small amount of match (9 centiMorgans) that should arguably not really be a match at all!  It took up a lot of my time this past few days but we all (both the correspondent and I) have to learn somehow.

30 Jul 2021:- Total 37,753 including living.  Been mostly examining some World War 2 records for my uncle Thomas Dowling (1918-1990), he was part of the 'Forgotten' Fourteenth Army in Burma and had a bad time there.