2021 December

31 December 2021:- Total 39,695 including living.  Had a message today from FamilyTreeDNA with another Y match to Marvin Doolin.  A little distant and the tester left no other information.  Nevertheless, lots of fun hunting the name down to Missouri and Illinois, so another dynasty added there as a good ending to a good year.

30 December 2021:- Total 39,663 including living.  A medal update where the newly arrived service record added some meat to the bones as it were.  One Carlow couple added and a little correcting here and there.  Reinstalling a graphics program. Last night a nice Webinar/Soiree with the some Guild of One-Name Study Members with a quiz... I did quite well overall but dreadfully on a Greek question and the names of the Guild officers.  A couple of other members had associations with castles in their studies so my Clonreher is one of many.

28 December 2021:- Total 39,634 including living.  Sorting some more sources for existing people today, some work on medal collection and a little tidying in the garage.

27 December 2021:- Total 39,634 including living.  Back to the database and what a great day.  Reviewed one of my medal collection, South Africa Boer War, and found one additional service record available and this opened up a previously empty background.  I was able to merge three Eugene Dowling's no less, who I had left separate due to lack of evidence, evidence that rolled-in today.  Tracked his family and still have some more potential on this line... The piece of work also cleaned a defective old source, added many more sources and added to my knowledge and experience - Eugene's mother was the first women I had come across called Sydney and this is corroborated several times!

26 December 2021:- Total 39,613 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Mostly sorting out some paper on desk, scanning and disposal... all needs to be done.

23 December 2021:- Total 39,613 including living.  Finally connected Thomas Dowling the police constable shot by the IRA in 1921 with his family.  The clues came from the notes of the military inquest. 

22 December 2021:- Total 39,607 including living.  A day dealing with scanned images and attaching them to people and sources.  Also reviewing some video of Clonreher Castle and playing with a video editor to see if I can upload it.

21 December 2021:- Total 39,605 including living.  A day scanning images yesterday.  Today, after a tip-off from a Laois correspondent, I entered a Laois Dowling who was shot on police duty in 1921 in Mayo leaving 4 children.  Still have to find his Laois origin and he may be one from Haymarket in Carlow... I don't know the area but there seems to be some confusion as Google calls it Laois even though its in Carlow town.

19 December 2021:- Total 39,596 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Another Carlow family which, following  the tragic death of the father was split up for the census and took some unravelling.  My brother visited today and gave me some photos so scanning tomorrow.  I don't think I'll hit my target of 40,000 names by Christmas... maybe the New Year.  There is no race and, as much as possible, I want the names connected or with stories but a target helps drive my wheels a little!

18 December 2021:- Total 39,580 including living.  Added a Carlow family (including its 1911 census which I found had been transcribed with Dowling as first name, well-spotted if I say so myself!  Also added an artefact theatre programme for tragic actress Joan Dowling.

17 December 2021:- Total 39,571 including living.  Working today on a Michael Dowling, born 1850 in Kilkenny.  Joined the Army and went out to Afghanistan (received a medal I own) coincidentally in the year that the western allies pull out of Afghanistan for the umpteenth time... there must be a lesson there somewhere!  It took some work as I had to go through his army record but very interesting.  It all on-line.

15 December 2021:- Total 39,555 including living.  Some censuses for the Doolans from Ayrshire in Scotland today.  Also added the decorative thumbnail slideshows on main page... it took a while but what do you think?  I wanted something to make the page look 'changing' as in 'updated' but not too distracting like commercial sites.

14 December 2021:- Total 39,552 including living.  Some Doolans from Ayrshire in Scotland today.  Using the unhelpful, clunky and expensive Scotlands People site... oh well - needs must.  Some pictures and some website code work (I am so slow at this!)

13 December 2021:- Total 39,540 including living.  Running a number of re-sourcing today (some of those old Ancestry sources that say nothing except 'Ancestry'!).  This follows a great e-mail from someone on the 'other side' of a family where the husband appears to have abandoned his first wife and children for America in the early 1900's.  I'd had the American side back around 1998-2000 so it was a great treat to link up to today's researcher.  Also spent some time working on new CSS coding for the website... I find this very hard and not at all intuitive.

12 December 2021:- Total 39,532 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Mostly transferring only website stuff to new site, all 'Objects' pages now added to database and, therefore new website under 'Artefacts' (see the list).  Also stunned to find that Richard Doolan, who went missing in 2001, when I added him to the old site, is still missing so added him back in site and will do something on the anniversary of his missing.  Missing button added to front page.

11 December 2021:- Total 39,519 including living.  A Carlow family added and mostly in garden.  Did waste some time on 'code' for the website which didn't work in the end, oh well, that's life.

10 December 2021:- Total 39,508 including living.  A fairly recent family added from Ireland to Southampton but, as mostly living, most won't shop.

9 December 2021:- Total 39,495 including living.  Mostly sources added and a significant join on the Jordan branch.  Spent some time experimenting with the website to no result.  Added Jordan's to branches to support my cousin. 

8 December 2021:- Total 39,494 including living.  Generally, as a result of research, I have a slightly reduced contrast on this site between background and text to help people with dyslexia who can have trouble with a stark high contrast back on white.  Recently, a GedSite innovation added Person Page Cards which look great but had white backgrounds.  I managed today to change the background code to a creamy colour.  Typical readers appear to have no trouble with slightly reduced contrast and many prefer it.  Added some related Jordan's in Shropshire today... a nice puzzle.

7 December 2021:- Total 39,475 including living.  Mostly tidying some images for on-line silhouettes and two Carlow families added from both censuses.  Some website work on Person Pages, probably unnoticed.

6 December 2021:- Total 39,465 including living.  Mostly tidying some images for reports and one Carlow family from both censuses.

5 December 2021:- Total 39,459 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Sorting out some ambiguous sources from long ago.  Tidying and adding some images.

4 December 2021:- Total 39,458 including living.  Sorting out my own relatives today with some tidying and rationalising for a 'Relatives of' report.

3 December 2021:- Total 39,454 including living.  Busy unravelling some border Dowling's on Laois, Carlow and Wicklow.  Four James's to sort out.  A very good join and hint towards another so a valuable day's work and I made some wooden planters for the local museum.

2 December 2021:- Total 39,433 including living.  Busy day on non-genealogy today.  A few Wicklow Dowling's only.  Added my Yule greetings card image to the front page... I am trying to change this regularly to freshen the site every few weeks or so and make it feel more current.

1 December 2021:- Total 39,428 including living.  Monthly Double Back-up. Some Wicklow Dowling's with Wexford connections added today.  Particularly focusing on Edward S Dowling who married Kate Staples.  Attended an on-line webinar on GedSite, the program to build this website.

30 November 2021:- Total 39,412 including living.  Tracked an interesting Dowling from Kerry to Limerick to Kildare for reasons I cannot fathom.  However, finally tracked the actual Kathleen Dowling I was looking for just before I shut down and uploaded.