2022 January

31 January 2022:- Total 40,247 including living.  Kilkenny Castlecomer births up to 1879 all in the system and most connected.  A 95 year old related Dowling from Laois and living in England passed away this last week who I knew and will miss, glad to have known Philomena.

30 January 2022:- Total 40,215 including living.  Sunday Single Back-Up.  Kilkenny Castlecomer marriages now on system from 1864 to 1879 and most connected.  Some date corrections and correspondence.

29 January 2022:- Total 40,202 including living.  Kilkenny Castlecomer marriages from 1871 to 1874 all in the system and most connected.  Visit from living relatives today and some DIY... it's not all genealogy you know.

28 January 2022:- Total 40,180 including living.  Kilkenny Castlecomer deaths from 1871 to 1879 all in the system and most connected.

27 January 2022:- Total 40,168 including living.  Kilkenny Castlecomer births from 1871 to 1879 all in the system and connected.

26 January 2022:- Total 40,142 including living.  Some website images (Henry VIII and Australia) to increase the attractiveness of the site without reducing its overall purpose to present content.  Some source rationalisation for South Carolina USA censuses and 1870-1879 Castlecomer Ireland marriages added.

25 January 2022:- Total 40,123 including living.  All Castlecomer Dowling Births, Deaths and Marriages added up to 1870 (there are others but not part of a systematic project.  Some connections and a good merge of a Laois to Kilkenny family.  Some website maintenance.

24 January 2022:- Total 40,085 including living.  More Kilkenny Dowlings but mostly spent shopping (which I do rarely if I can help it) and hunting for a marriage which I never found...

23 January 2022:- Total 40,082 including living.  Sunday Single Back-Up.  More Kilkenny Dowlings and a nice passenger list to the Argentine with a sad story.

22 January 2022:- Total 40,068 including living.  More Kilkenny Dowlings with lots of marriages today from Moneeroe area.

21 January 2022:- Total 40,020 including living.  Celebrating the 'ruby' milestone with over 40,000 individuals in my database.  Added some Kilkenny Dowlings today as well as some gardening!

20 January 2022:- Total 39,999 including living.  Some sources and people added around the Castlecomer, Kilkenny Dowling/Doolans where at least one went to Argentina. Tomorrow - celebrations as I mark my 40,000 person in the One-Name Study.

19 January 2022:- Total 39,990 including living.  Merged 6 people in Kentucky (hence numbers go down 6).  Testing an image that causes upload issues.  Also a nice correspondence from Argentina to work on tomorrow.

18 January 2022:- Total 39,970 including living.  DNA related family of Doolin's from Kentucky with quite a large input onto the study with merges and joins... more joins to come.

17 January 2022:- Total 39,935 including living.  One Carlow individual and some DNA match frameworks that eventually linked to people already on database.  Some graphics work too, that is such a length process when software manufacturers mess around with their program.

16 January 2022:- Total 39,924 including living.  Sunday Single Back-Up.  A Carlow census family and more on webpage Timeline lists.

15 January 2022:- Total 39,912 including living.  A Carlow pair of families from the censuses again today, easier than yesterdays which was great as I was out in garden again.  Did some tweaking on site around using Timelines, these are historical key dates that can be added to individual's pages.

14 January 2022:- Total 39,893 including living. A few more census entries for Carlow with one family being a real tricky puzzle.  Sunny day so out in garden today.

13 January 2022:- Total 39,871 including living.  Still some upload issues I am still working on.  Some Carlow census entries added, I am 22% through putting all of Carlow's 1901-1911 censuses on my database and on-line.  One postcard artefact traced to its sender, Robert J Dowling, from Dublin.  A bit of tidying of 1911 census sources.

11 January 2022:- Total 39,846 including living.  Some problems with uploading the site lately due to an image... not sure what is going on.  Added a Boer War soldier, Arthur Dowling from Dublin, Picked up quite a bit but interestingly for an unusual Dowling name his parents are hard to pin down.  Same for his wife, she is a Christina also unusual, but she also resists my digging.  Wrote articles for the Guild of One Name Studies Journal.

9 January 2022:- Total 39,730 including living. Sunday Single Back-up. Added an article on the Massacre of Mullaghmast.  Such a significant )'Dowling event with so little information about Dowling's… perhaps because the English murderers were very thorough.

6 January 2022:- Total 39,822 including living.  Spent a lot of the day looking to see if any records could resolve some old entries in the Falkland Islands but alas nothing has changed in that Michael Doolan brick wall.  Also checked my first English 1921 census entry today... a bit disappointed as very little information is available without paying to view a transcript or scan.  I already subscribe to Find My Past but the 1921 census for my Grandfather Davies (mother's side) cost me an extra £3.15 for the scan.  I knew what I was going for but if I was hunting for someone who's location was not certain a lot of money could be spent on viewing unrelated records.  As if to rub salt into the wounds the configuration means I can't automate the source/citation process with ORA.

5 January 2022:- Total 39,821 including living.  More Carlow census work today... not sure but one of these seems coincidentally similar to a 1999 posting of a family in the USA that was supposed to be from Cork not Carlow... always more to do.  'Women's Christmas' added on the font page diary for a couple of days.

4 January 2022:- Total 39,797 including living.  A busy day with Carlow census entries, some a bit trick to connect with pre-census records.  One family did lead to a merge so a celebration with chocolate... the better I get at this the more weight I'll put on!

3 January 2022:- Total 39,771 including living.  A rough day today with computers - my love/hate relationship... "nothing messes up a computer like an upgrade" was proven yesterday and today as I'd upgraded my NAS drive software... and no help available as it is the holidays. Lots of messing around and little done.   The data is, of course, safe as I am a 'belt n' braces' backer-upper'.  I tried to make up for it with a Carlow family from the census who came from Wicklow and calmed down with slice of apple pie.

2 January 2022:- Total 39,753 including living.  Sunday Single Back-Up.  Mostly reading today and sorting out non-genealogy!!!

1 January 2022:- Total 39,753 including living.  Monthly Double Back-Up.  Tried another DNA distant match today.  This one is a 'Rogers' and seems to relate to Doolin's via step-children who changed their name without leaving a trace of their father.  Mostly a framework but a census added for them as a source... as always more to be done but this was New Years Day and I took some time off!

31 December 2021:- Total 39,695 including living.  Had a message today from FamilyTreeDNA with another Y match to Marvin Doolin.  A little distant and the tester left no other information.  Nevertheless, lots of fun hunting the name down to Missouri and Illinois, so another dynasty added there as a good ending to a good year.