2022 February

27 February 2022:- Total 40,591 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. 

26 February 2022:- Total 40,591 including living.  Spent yesterday doing some family tree work for a non-Dowling as a 90th birthday card, so no Dowling's yesterday.  Today some correspondence, some Kildare Dowling's and website tweaks.

24 February 2022:- Total 40,561 including living.  John Dowling hunting, some old website  scavenging.  One John Dowling family from Carlow 1901 and 1911 census put in... wife Bridget was rather economical with her age in the 1911!

23 February 2022:- Total 40,549 including living.  A lot of Kilkenny, Castlecomer baptisms today in my hunt for a particular John Dowling.  Many people added but the John has still not been found.

22 February 2022:- Total 40,506 including living.  Mostly sources for existing people.  A lot of searching with no entries for a Dowling soldier in India who does not appear anywhere after discharge, despite an army records saying his is in Bristol.

21 February 2022:- Total 40,501 including living.  Answering an e-mail query on Hunter/Dowling and finding another Hunter/Dowling line in India to follow-up.  George Augustus Dowling went to India with army, he had a daughter Minette there and she grew up, married and died there.

20 February 2022:- Total 40,492 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Rationalising some filenames and sources today, lengthy process but the database will be healthier for it.  Found some Ancestry automatic sources from many years ago that are completely wrong so want to fix all those.

19 February 2022:- Total 40,492 including living.  Mostly sources for existing people and some database rationalisation.

18 February 2022:- Total 40,487 including living.  Some more Kildare Dowling's added and some tidying on the database.  Battening down the hatches for Storm Eunice that had red 'risk of death' warnings.  We seemed to escape here ok.

17 February 2022:- Total 40,466 including living.  Some Kildare Dowlings added and some tidying on the database... and some tidying in the garage - its not all family history.

16 February 2022:- Total 40,462 including living.  Some Kildare sources to go with existing Dowlings and a certificate source for the Dowling below of the 8th Kings Regiment.  Working on some website issues.

15 February 2022:- Total 40,458 including living.  Some Kildare Dowling's following on from some finds yesterday.  Seemed a slow day tracking Patrick Dowlings…  Some website housekeeping (until I get bored with it... a little each day is best).

14 February 2022:- Total 40,443 including living.  Some Laois Dowling's today as a result of a great photo of two Dowling's from a correspondent.  One or both have passed away and it is tricky with the recently departed as their birth and marriage information are mostly not available.  Nevertheless, a few 'public' obituaries has given some clues so the deer stalker hat is on!  Also some more filename changes for housekeeping.

13 February 2022:- Total 40,401 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  A lot of maintenance with changing filenames on the website... a sort of housekeeping, although I should probably do more of the normal sort of housekeeping!

11 February 2022:- Total 40,401 including living.  Converting some defunct pages from old website that crashed over a decade ago, this led to addition of more place names with Dowling in them.  I add these as people so they get picked up in the database on the basis that at least one Dowling must have founded the locality!  It also means, to comply with my 'make my life easy' adage that I am using just one database so look-ups, uploading and maintenance are quicker.  There are more of course.  The page for this list is at DOWLING ONE NAME STUDY - Places after Dowling's (one-name.net)

10 February 2022:- Total 40,376 including living.  Working on eliminating a Dowling family in Waterford by reconstructing it and adding to the database.  Also created Online Repository Assistant template for Griffith's Valuation... Busy, busy, busy.

9 February 2022:- Total 40,356 including living.  Mostly sources to existing people today, and cashing-in on yesterday's marriage find with a military record for a Dowling's military career in India in the 1/8th Kings (Liverpool) Regiment.  Interesting... also learned that the Presidency of Bengal massively stretched across the whole north of India to what is now Pakistan, so I could have easily missed "Bengal" born Dowling's who were in fact born in the West of the country.

8 February 2022:- Total 40,353 including living.  Checking many sources to no great benefit for most of day then a major marriage discovery in my last few moments before uploading for the day.

7 February 2022:- Total 40,350 including living.  Some Kent more Ken connections, solving yesterday's puzzle, and a few Dublin Dowling's added to the mix.

6 February 2022:- Total 40,318 including living.  Sunday Single Back-Up.  Some Kent relations but mostly a puzzling day and work on some low-res images.

5 February 2022:- Total 40,315 including living. One 'merge' so one person less in system.  Mostly additional source detail and photos on Pepper family related to Dowling's.

4 February 2022:- Total 40,316 including living. Some Dublin Dowling's tracked and sourced.  Seemed like a slow day with other things to do.

3 February 2022:- Total 40,296 including living. Kildare and Dublin and India Dowling's tracked and sourced.

2 February 2022:- Total 40,281 including living. More Pepper names and sources added as they married into Dowling's.

1 February 2022:- Total 40,269 including living.  Monthly Double Back-Up.  Some Pepper names added as they are connected to Dowling's in England.

31 January 2022:- Total 40,247 including living.  Kilkenny Castlecomer births up to 1879 all in the system and most connected.  A 95 year old related Dowling from Laois and living in England passed away this last week who I knew and will miss, glad to have known Philomena.