2022 March

31 March 2022:- Total 40,740 including living. Some tidying up after yesterday's resolution.  Added some more Kildare Dowlings.  It's a slow process, if I find one Dowling I am looking for but there are three or four more on the same document, apparently unrelated, I collect those too.

30 March 2022:- Total 40,702 including living. Finally resolved a website code issue that has been bugging me for days.  Added picture on home page for April Fools' Day.  Added some Kildare Dowling's and resolved a potential issue where two families look so similar in the census it was hazardous for wrong conclusions.

29 March 2022:- Total 40,685 including living. A lot of 'under the bonnet website code learning and lost of mistakes... answering e-mails, interestingly about building websites.  Also some shopping... which is not my favourite activity.  Anyway hopefully some genealogy soon.

27 March 2022:- Total 40,685 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.

25 March 2022:- Total 40,685 including living. Started with a correspondence to help someone with their website and then just kept working on my learning of website coding.

24 March 2022:- Total 40,685 including living. Mostly sources for existing people and studying website coding.

23 March 2022:- Total 40,680 including living. Some Kildare additions again, with a Kildare, who is clearly related, in Surrey, England... now to work out how he is related!

22 March 2022:- Total 40,655 including living. Some Kildare additions again, and some text tidying, responding to e-mails, etc... and mowed the lawn as the garden is growing.

21 March 2022:- Total 40,648 including living. Some Kildare to England Dowling's.  Spending some time studying website coding and getting nowhere fast...  it seems to now defy trial and error so I am missing something in CSS that is really very fundamental... and that is after having bought a book!

20 March 2022:- Total 40,644 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.

16 March 2022:- Total 40,644 including living. Some tidying on the Colliers and some Irish Dowling's connected to Hunters today with some graphic work.

15 March 2022:- Total 40,629 including living. Some Colliers, very very distantly connected to Dowling's, added and some tidying around sources entered years ago. 

14 March 2022:- Total 40,610 including living. A Dublin marriage on Hilary's line added.  Busy recently with other things and its not even good for gardening yet!  Will have to make a new rota as I found lots of documents and photos that need processing... what doesn't get started doesn't get finished (Tolkien).

13 March 2022:- Total 40,608 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. Added an eBay medal for J Dowling, football league award in 1899 for a Royal Engineer... nothing else on him but he may connect one day.

11 March 2022:- Total 40,607 including living.  No genealogy today but some website tinkering on the Timelines list page so that fellow Online Research Assistant users can use the timelines to add to their family tree programmes.  Then I received some 'under the hood' technical suggestions and spent a little time trying to implement those...  I might by a CSS for Dummies book!

10 March 2022:- Total 40,607 including living.  Still following the glamour sister's Constance and Doris Dowling, born Smith.  And they did adopt their mother's, Mabel's, maiden name as a stage name... Broadway star Eddie Dowling did that too.  Anyway got back a good way to 1900 with censuses on Mabel's father Eugene... then he disappears.  It doesn't help the US lost their 1890 census in a fire.  But you would think a name like Eugene would show up in 1870 and 1880!

9 March 2022:- Total 40,598 including living.  Busy with many other things today.  Marked up many people as 'Deceased' and they should start showing up on the site where they might not have before.  Also, after years of hunting I found the parents of Hollywood glamour actresses Constance and Doris Dowling... they were not Dowling's but Smiths!  Picked them up in the 1930 New York census... now to find out if Mum was a Dowling!

8 March 2022:- Total 40,591 including living.  Hunting through "A Dowling Family of the South" (I am lucky to have an original copy).  I was looking for details on a Dowling and Cowart described as being there by a correspondent but couldn't find any more than a name reference.  I added some narrative from the book on William Hamilton Dowling and some Timeline entries for that branch.  Also some website coding to fix an image position (which drove me up the wall!)

7 March 2022:- Total 40,591 including living.  I have not been doing much family history this last week or so as I have been learning to use more features of my graphics program Corel PaintShop Pro and it's been consuming much of my time.  Also been reading-up on some Irish history in a book (old fashioned thing, it's like YouTube but with words on paper! :-) )

6 March 2022:- Total 40,591 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. 

1 March 2022:- Total 40,591 including living. Monthly Double Back-Up

27 February 2022:- Total 40,591 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.