2022 April

30 April 2022:- Total 41,054 including living. A few Kildare Dowlings and really busy in the garden on a lovely day.

29 April 2022:- Total 41,046 including living. A few Kildare Dowlings, one illustration for seamstresses and in the garden. 

28 April 2022:- Total 41,042 including living. Effectively reconstructing a Kildare Dowling family to eliminate it from a correspondent's tree.  A Mary Dowling married Brigadier General Fitzpatrick Eassie… now that is high up in the army!

27 April 2022:- Total 41,019 including living. Some additional scans to sources on existing people. It has gone very cold for April.

26 April 2022:- Total 41,017 including living. Just an additional graphic today and some home admin.

25 April 2022:- Total 41,017 including living. Some double checking assumptions made in 2013 on a Derrydavy family (after contact from a member of that family.  The baptisms in the vicinity do not show mothers in the early 1800's so it is virtually impossible to be certain.  Some gardening in between the showers and computer maintenance.

24 April 2022:- Total 41,017 including living. Some more Dowling's in South Carolina, update for some other related non-Dowlings in Essex, England.  Nice e-mail from a Dowling near my own origins so I am hoping that develops.  Yesterday gardening and shed building.

22 April 2022:- Total 41,005 including living. Some more Dowling's from South Carolina and some website tweaking.  Acquired a lot of image filters and effects today... these are like digital toys!

21 April 2022:- Total 40,980 including living. A few more South Carolina Dowlings.  Helped someone with their website... it is a trickier process than some users might imagine.  A bit of gardening but more of that tomorrow.

20 April 2022:- Total 40,968 including living. Found a 'join' for one family to the USA Dowling Family of the South, very happy with that so added some more up and down stream from Elijah Henry Dowling.

19 April 2022:- Total 40,936 including living. A 1979 picture of Mrs E Dowling sent from great contact in Ireland. Interesting sexism when examining old newspapers... they show male first names but women are shown a lot as just 'Mrs' - I consider myself luck I have an initial in this case but it would be typical of the time if that was her husbands!

18 April 2022:- Total 40,935 including living. Enjoying a relaxing Easter, did just some graphics work on the England St George tabs image that will refresh the home page and permanently on the England places list. Also one Tasmanian birth source for Caroline Dowling which needed an ORA template made for it so I can do some more there efficiently.

17 April 2022:- Total 40,935 including living. Sunday Single Back-Up. No additional people added in last days as the weather has been glorious and I have been out in the garden. Answered some correspondence that didn't need adding people and added a photo to an Australian Dowling. Tweaking some graphics for the English pages. Time goes more quickly for me than when I was younger as I get so little done!

14 April 2022:- Total 40,935 including living.  No additional people but examining a lot of Dublin Workhouse records and adding sources to existing people.  So many people described as in "dirty old clothes" in the log registers, obviously desperate and some dying there too.

13 April 2022:- Total 40,935 including living.  Examining some Dublin Duigan's connected to Dowlings somehow.  The correspondent has been doing a lot of work from Australia and has reached an impasse I am not sure I can help but I'm looking.

12 April 2022:- Total 40,919 including living.  Apart form non-genealogy demands today I was mostly checking registers for a correspondent on the Kildare line, but most of these checks were 'shots in the dark'.  Of course, I have to add them, to the database and check as best as I can.  One reference went to Cork and opened up easily to more Dowling's, a fourth stuck at the reference as if they immediately disappeared after their marriage! Que sera sera.

blin to Surrey additions for a correspondent.  A few sources and much hunting.  The 11 April 2022:- Total 40,887 including living.  Some Dublin to Surrey additions for a correspondent.  A few sources and much hunting.  The 1921 England & Wales census, having an additional cost over and above my subscriptions, definitely works against its use by making me resistant to paying to check its NOT the record I want!

10 April 2022:- Total 40,875 including living. Sunday Single Back-Up.  Added some more Toones connected to Dowlings.  Mostly source adding.  Refreshed the home page leaderboard to Easter.

9 April 2022:- Total 40,869 including living. Spent today adding sources, merging and joining on the London/Leicestershire Dowling/Toone family.  very productive.

8 April 2022:- Total 40,863 including living. Spent today's time on a most interesting successful family that, while spread over London, Leicestershire and the West Midlands, appears very inter-related at a 1st cousin level.

7 April 2022:- Total 40,845 including living. Dublin Dowling of the 1700's added relating to correspondence from New Zealand.  Tricky to get further back on this but you never know.  Also some Hertfordshire to Leicester to Lambeth Dowlings as a result of correspondence, lots more to do on that line.

6 April 2022:- Total 40,800 including living. More Kildare Dowling's in an attempt to find the oldest common relative of a group found.  Some more medal presentation work.

5 April 2022:- Total 40,791 including living. Spent yesterday mounting some medals for my sister-in-law.  Today added some Kildare Dowling for Hilary, this is a good family dynasty being picked-up with a strong presence in Kildare.

3 April 2022:- Total 40,788 including living. Sunday Single Back-Up.  Added new home page leaderboard on tartan day.  Also added a big scan of my sister-in-law's father's navy service record and interesting too, a considerable array of ships.  It's a delicate document so I'll have to protect it well for the future but scanning was the first protection from complete loss.

2 April 2022:- Total 40,788 including living. More on those Jordan's for my cousin to send to Australia.  This had a great deal of family reconstruction, including of two unrelated families for elimination purposes, to corroborate a generation.

1 April 2022:- Total 40,755 including living. Monthly Double Back-Up.  Mostly sources for existing people and work for the non-Dowling Jordan & Jones part of the family.

31 March 2022:- Total 40,740 including living. Some tidying up after yesterday's resolution.  Added some more Kildare Dowlings.  It's a slow process, if I find one Dowling I am looking for but there are three or four more on the same document, apparently unrelated, I collect those too