2022 May

31 May 2022:- Total 41,464 including living. Some Somerset Dowlings added, reading and failed attempts at website coding.

30 May 2022:- Total 41,451 including living. Just a handful on a Virginia census people (with not much to identify them definitively) and some image sorting.

29 May 2022:- Total 41,446 including living. Sunday Single Back-Up.  Just a few 1820 census entries today as mostly doing something else.  Tidied my postcard collection I keep for scanning illustrations.

28 May 2022:- Total 41,442 including living.  Mostly some additions in Virginia, USA today - not a lot of connecting but hopefully these marriages and 1810 census entries will hook-in later.  Some website tinkering and gardening.

27 May 2022:- Total 41,409 including living.  In exploring Alabama, USA today I found some individuals to merge (so the numbers go down... which is a good thing).  Also some website work.

26 May 2022:- Total 41,414 including living.  Some more additions from Staffordshire, England and Alabama, USA.  Some website buttons to reduce the main menu bar from two rows to one and a new leader board fun image on the home page to attract attention.

25 May 2022:- Total 41,367 including living.  Some USA Alabama Dowlings added and additional sources for existing people.  Event added to existing Monmouthshire Dowling.  Tsunami of e-mails, 65... not all family history but I need to trim my sails a bit!

24 May 2022:- Total 41,345 including living.  Some USA Alabama Dowlings added.  Played with new US 1950 census template on ORA (Online Repository Assistant).  Added Africa to Lists/Places and a picture of Africa to celebrate Africa Day.

23 May 2022:- Total 41,323 including living.  Some more work on images today adding some copyright requested by original poster.  Some home page button-work to reduce menu item.

22 May 2022:- Total 41,323 including living.  Sunday Single Back-Up.  Some work on images today.

21 May 2022:- Total 41,323 including living.  Some Dublin Dowlings added and reading and gardening.

20 May 2022:- Total 41,317 including living.  Some Dowling Family of the South people added from South Carolina and Georgia.  Also working on garden... it's all go.

19 May 2022:- Total 41,292 including living.  No new people, but source for an existing.  A new 'Links' page from Menu to accommodate Walter Dowling Wood's great site.  Tried some website coding unsuccessfully.

18 May 2022:- Total 41,292 including living.  Reviewing some recent individuals attached to the US Dowling Family of the South.  Some additions from South Carolina but mostly sources to existing people.

17 May 2022:- Total 41,286 including living. Busy with other things today but did a 'Find & Replace' change for a contributor from the 90's who contacted me again claiming creative commons copyright for some of the contributed content.  A good opportunity and prompt to review those pages over the coming week. Also added a lovely picture of a graveyard from a correspondent.

16 May 2022:- Total 41,286 including living. Numbers down because of a fabulous day of merging duplicates on three families.  All down to some gravestones!  Sometimes I have duplicates because the documentation does not provide sufficient information to show that two people with the same name are the same.  So this is a major success day... chocolate I think!

15 May 2022:- Total 41,294 including living. Sunday Single Back-Up.  Lazy day today!  Added one baptism and some lovely pictures of a WW1 memorial in Mountmellick, Laois sent by my top correspondent.  I'd already had the two mentioned in the Study but didn't know about the memorial. 

14 May 2022:- Total 41,293 including living. Mostly gardening today.  Did you know that laying floating sea mines in the navy was nicknamed 'gardening'... I was doing the ordinary kind.  Added some Kildare Dowlings including Myles and Edward the bakers from Athy.  Will relax with the Eurovision final tonight.

13 May 2022:- Total 41,287 including living. Resolved the census issue into two similar but entirely separate families.  Add the non-related family temporarily.  Added a Kildare census entry.  Changed Leaderboard on front page.

12 May 2022:- Total 41,273 including living. Looking at a census issue today of someone who appears to be shown twice in 1901 and 1911, possibly separated but need to be sure so taking my time.  Added List of People/Places/Wales/Monmouthshire and Glamorgan as a separate link.  Out in the garden for ages and tired out... will settle down with Eurovision!

11 May 2022:- Total 41,273 including living. The recorded Dowling's of the Monmouthshire 1891 census are now entirely in the study.  In a better position to reconstruct an elusive branch but it's still not clear-cut! Just as I am shutting down for the night I find a contradictory 1911 census entry duplicate for a family.  Fun tomorrow.

10 May 2022:- Total 41,247 including living. The Monmouthshire 1891 census has all its Dowlings bar one... I just ran out of time.  That's a lot of people added but most are connected.

9 May 2022:- Total 41,208 including living. Lots of sources added and re-visited for 1891 census, by the time I am done all Dowling's in the 1891 UK census will be in the system.  Mostly all elimination for one family where there are a few candidates.  Also graphic for Nurses day.

8 May 2022:- Total 41,187 including living. Single Sunday Back-Up. Still in Monmouthshire on another illegitimacy conundrum.  Reviewed a large number of census entries, refreshed some old entries and added new sources to existing people.

7 May 2022:- Total 41,151 including living. Found an intriguing second marriage for the Monmouth Dowling who changes his name to Jeffries (his step-father's name)... and then marries a Dowling.  Genealogy cut-short today as the garden needed work.  Back on this line tomorrow.

6 May 2022:- Total 41,151 including living. Mostly sources to existing people today on Dowlings in Monmouthshire.  Probably finalised as much as I can do on this line pending certificates bought by the correspondent.  I am not sure all church records for Monmouth, Herefordshire and Staffordshire are available on-line to support this line further back.

5 May 2022:- Total 41,131 including living. Mostly sources to existing people today on Dowlings in Monmouthshire.

4 May 2022:- Total 41,125 including living. Some more census work on the Pennsylvanian Dowling connection which I am now satisfied with as I found an exact date of birth on a marriage.  Also some time on an Welsh branch with an illegitimate birth tracked with help of a correspondent.  I had investigated them briefly years ago to eliminate them from an enquiry.  I added all the mother's censuses, so despite her initially chaotic life, she appeared in them all.  Her brother, described as "feeble minded" spent his life after his mother's death in the Workhouse... sad but there in the records.

3 May 2022:- Total 41,101 including living. A lot of work wading through a source-sparse on-line genealogy... but getting there.  Some Kildare Dowlings appear to have immigrated to Pennsylvania.  Also a bit of fun with home-page image for Start Wars Day!

2 May 2022:- Total 41,065 including living. A 5-fold merge today as I cam across a duplicate family from 1999!  I was able to find them in US Pennsylvania censuses today which I was unable to do in 1999.  This related to sending an e-mail to someone about Dowlings in Kidlare, they replied passing me on to another researcher who has a lot of names on-line for me to wade through.  Many I have, some are interesting trails and the oldest Dowling I think is incorrect but want to work on that.

1 May 2022:- Total 41,062 including living. Monthly Double Back-Up.  Some sources for related Kildare non-Dowlings today for correspondent.  Painting a shed.

30 April 2022:- Total 41,054 including living. A few Kildare Dowlings and really busy in the garden on a lovely day.