2022 June

30 June 2022:- Total 41,836 including living. Some USA graphics work.  Gardening. E-mails.  Hunting for descendants of Thurlow Dowling and finally found Alexander Dowling who married but it looks like he died in Canada in the same year before having children.

29 June 2022:- Total 41,835 including living. On This Day entry and some addition of people and sources to the Thurlow Dowling line following a request from Canada to contact living relative.  Still hunting but its looking like there may not be one... unless as a serviceman, he was born abroad.

28 June 2022:- Total 41,820 including living. On This Day entry and some Indian Dowlings related to a Bible auction... gardening - it needs to be done!

27 June 2022:- Total 41,802 including living. On This Day entry and some graphics for Canada Day onto the website.

26 June 2022:- Total 41,802 including living. Sunday Single Back Up.  Some work on my mother's Davies' side.  Then, noticing a family Bible for sale on eBay I made notes of that.  It is too expensive for me to bid for with its postage but a nice artefact all the same… I can't buy everything with Dowling on it!  Anyway, tracked them down to Indiana.

25 June 2022:- Total 41,782 including living. Gardening mostly but one person's baptism searched for a good while was found by just a hard slog through lots of records, some ORA (Online Repository Assistant) template work.

24 June 2022:- Total 41,781 including living. Some Somerset baptisms, some graphics, some ORA (Online Repository Assistant) template work and reading.

23 June 2022:- Total 41,760 including living. Only graphics and e-mails today with some reading.  A correspondent pointed me at the Dowling Cup in Ireland... one would think it would be an easy matter to find out about the Dowling it was named after but no!

22 June 2022:- Total 41,760 including living. Many more Somerset marriages today.  Not connected but ready

21 June 2022:- Total 41,718 including living. A good number of Somerset marriages today.  Not connected but ready for that when the baptisms come through.

20 June 2022:- Total 41,643 including living. Some Somerset, England Dowlings.  Mostly garden today.

19 June 2022:- Total 41,629 including living. Sunday Single Back Up.  Leisurely Father's Day today.  Just a Litha graphic for the Summer Solstice and a visit from my brother.

18 June 2022:- Total 41,629 including living. Some graphics work for buttons on the website and three Doolan's from Belfast. 

17 June 2022:- Total 41,626 including living. Very hot here in England today.  Added some Illinois Dowlings from a nice blog post on an unrelated website, some folks are so kind... it had a lot of detail.  Anyway, traced back to a Dowling in Northern Ireland and possibly Scotland.

16 June 2022:- Total 41,612 including living. Very hot here in England today, visited London but found no Dowlings on the monuments I checked.  More Hampshire Dowlings added from Upper Clatford all the Do?l?n* parish records for that parish I could find are in the study now.

15 June 2022:- Total 41,590 including living. Very hot here in England today.  More Hampshire Dowlings added and some in Kent, Maryland, USA.

14 June 2022:- Total 41,558 including living. Busy in garden today but managed a few Hampshire Dowlings.

13 June 2022:- Total 41,550 including living. Dowlings form Hampshire, England today following a correspondent's research.

12 June 2022:- Total 41,530 including living. Sunday Single Back Up.  Kildare Dowlings added.  E-mails and graphics.

11 June 2022:- Total 41,520 including living. Carlow Dowling family added with marriage and some children.  E-mails and gardening.

10 June 2022:- Total 41,514 including living. A Kildare Kate today and surrounding Doyle family to help find the rest of this line.  Busy, busy!

9 June 2022:- Total 41,509 including living. Reading and gardening today... and a couple of graphics.

8 June 2022:- Total 41,509 including living. Still adding timeline 'on this day' news to home page.  Hope this is of interest.  Added some Kildare Doolans and uploaded some graphics to another blog site.

7 June 2022:- Total 41,505 including living. No additional people today.  Busy with e-mails and personal stuff... did add some graphics to the home page leaderboard that changes on re-load.

6 June 2022:- Total 41,505 including living. Some Kildare and Carlow Dowlings added and, after lost of checking, a merge for a John Dowling in Ballyhade from Kildare.

5 June 2022:- Total 41,491 including living. Sunday Single Back Up.  Just a couple in Athy Workhouse added from the 1911 census... Some graphic work.

4 June 2022:- Total 41,489 including living. Added Dowlings from 1911 census in Kildare...  spent time tracking and not finding him in 1901.  Still he is there in the study now with his mother and father.

3 June 2022:- Total 41,484 including living. Added Dowlings from 1901 and 1911 census in Kildare from Galway.  Altered the links to the "Last Update" to show last 24 hours for correspondents I am working with currently who can go straight to changes.  Continuing the 'On this Day' headlines on the home page... not sure this is not a burden at the moment but after a year it will be easy as they will all be done.

2 June 2022:- Total 41,475 including living. Just 1 Kildare Dowling added as busy in garden.  Some website tweaking again... I have some trouble remembering the coding so end-up repeating trial and error.

1 June 2022:- Total 41,474 including living. Monthly Double Back Up.  Some Kildare Dowlings added.  Some reading and website tweaking

31 May 2022:- Total 41,464 including living. Some Somerset Dowlings added, reading and failed attempts at website coding.